N Ga. Coffee Table Layout

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N Gauge Coffee Table Layout
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Layout must be picked up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Description (see larger photos below)
  • Built approx year 2000 by expert layout builder Tom Martino
  • Consists of a loop of N gauge track, 3 lighted buildings, and scenery.
  • The unit has clear plexiglass side panels, that can be folded up onto the top for access. (The layout was built this way to keep Tom's three cats from getting into the layout.)
  • The top and plexiglass sides are removeable.
  • The layout itself can be lifted out of the frame.
  • The transformers are accessible through the door in the front.
  • Includes a power strip on the rear, and a flourescent light on the underside of the cover.
What's Included:
  • The complete wood enclosure, top and hinged plexiglass sides, 3 lighted buildings & scenery & track loop, flourescent light on underside of top, power strip on rear, and transformer to power light. Note all these materials bought separately would probably cost you well over $100.
What's NOT Included:
  • No train is included.
  • The main transformer that powers the train is not included. The secondary transformer that powers the lights in the buildings is included.
  • There is a rough section in the track that should be replaced for smooth operation.

You can click on an image to view it larger

Photo 01 - at Jan 2003 Loose Ties Holiday Dinner

Photo 02 - A D&H Alco pulls a short freight over the bridge

Photo 03 - In living room Feb 2003 -
Note hole in door has been patched,
and wood blocks holding plexiglass shut
have been replaced wih velcro strips

-------Dec 2007 photos shown below

Photo 04 - Close-up of buildings

Photo 05 - Shown with plexiglass sides folded up onto the top

Photo 06 - Transformer door open, & top removed

Photo 07 - Close view of transformers
(left track transformer is NOT included)

Photo 08 - Top view, with top removed

Photo 09 - Rear view

Photo 10 - Underside of cover, showing flourescent light,
for illuminating layout in dark conditions